Sunday, April 4, 2010

Strike 2

The new boy and I had another date last night. I knew we'd kick up the D/s dynamic a notch and I was curious how he would react. Nothing major, just enough for each of us to get a sense of our comfort level with each other.

We met at a bar for drinks, chatted for an hour or so before heading over to a local adult shop. Walking around together it was clear we were both fairly comfortable being there together and at one point I commented to him that I knew he was just waiting until we came across the strap-ons. He and I have discussed our interests and what we'd like to explore with each other and this is something he wants to try. Lucky me!

This store had a variety of clothing options, bathing suits, etc and of course we ended up in the section filled with cute and frilly panties, which he already knew was a direction we'd be heading to...him in whatever panties I chose.

After fondling the floggers, scoping out the strap-ons and purchasing panties we headed to the bowling alley for the rest of our date. Now bowling may seem like a pretty boring activity for a Domme and a sub to partake in but I made a small rule once we got there. For every strike I got, he would get a spanking. Not right there in the bowling alley mind you but at a later date when we got together again.

He thought about this for a minute or so and then asked what kind of spanking he would get. Bare handed? With a crop? I told him it depends on what I have at the time to use. In the end, lucky for him I'm a bad bowler so he only got himself two spankings but what I neglected to tell him is that it's my perogative as the Domme to deliver however many spankings I want. I know he reads this blog so I'm sure I'll hear from him once he sees this part of my entry about our date.

Overall, the evening went really well. I think he and I are going to get along just fine and I look forward to spending more time with him. I get the feeling he wants to be pushed more, wants me to require more of him and I'm happy to do it. An eager and willing sub, who wouldn't ask for more from him?