Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The local boy/Boy

Earlier back in November I introduced the local boy, having just recently met him at that time I didn't have much to report. There's a reason why I listed him as the boy/Boy....when he and I first met he had expressed an interest in exploring his submissive side, hence the 'boy' reference. Along the way of our conversations as well as spending more time with him it became clear this was more of a switch situation for both of us. Sometimes he was more interested in being the dominant one, other times it was me.

Unfortunately for us we do not have an ideal place or good amount of time to play. We make due as best we can but it does get frustrating. Lucky for us we have almost daily contact, sometimes we are able to get together a couple times a week for some play time, and we are both enjoying the openness for exploring with each other.

I'm finding that more often than not he's the 'top' in our play times, which is fine with me because he gives good bare handed spankings. Nice red marks on my ass and welts where his fingers have made contact with my skin with each swift smack.

I have a feeling we'll be in touch for a long time, he's become a good friend and a steadfast supporter of mine throughout the past few months. I'll be posting more in the future about our time together.

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