Saturday, March 27, 2010

There's a new boy in town

I did it. I crawled out from the rock I spoke of in an earlier post and went out to meet a new potential sub. I don't have a nickname for him yet, I need to spend more time with him before his nickname hits me over the head like a falling brick. He and I met on Fetlife, we've been chatting for a week or so and we mutually decided to meet up.

I will admit I was a bit reluctant only because he proclaimed to be 'curious' about exploring being submissive and I'm getting a better sense of myself and realizing that I really want someone that knows he is submissive. But, who am I to deny someone the opportunity to explore, right?

We met at a restaurant, sat in the bar area and spent some time chatting. Mostly vanilla stuff, the conversation flowed fairly easily between us so we pushed on to the real reason we were there. To find out what each of us was looking for from the lifestyle.

I asked him what he's interested in, what he's curious about, what he thinks he'd like to try and I got mostly the standard answers....not that there's anything wrong with that! And then I got to my favorite topic when it comes to wearing panties. I asked him how he felt about that. He paused. Then lowered his gaze and he blushed. I pointed out he was blushing at that thought and he said 'I'd be ok with that, I'd wear panties for you'.

Something clicked and I had a feeling I'd have some fun with this boy. I didn't want to get too hopeful as this was just our first meeting but as our conversation continued I began to sense that maybe he wants this more than he thinks he does. Before the night was over he mentioned he needed to use the restroom and asked permission, which I granted...this time. And as to be expected he thanked me when he got back.

We've made tentative plans to meet up again soon and I have no doubt there will be some panty shopping in the very near future for him. I might even post a picture of him in something cute and frilly!

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  1. love to see that...will be so sexy...i'm breathing harder now!